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Short description
 Masking tape for wall-painting on building sites
Product Data
59g/㎡ natural white saturated crepe paper
Adhesive natural rubber and resins solvent based
Total thickness 0.125mm
Peel strength 4.8N/25mm
Tensile strength MD 87.5N/25mm
Elongation at break 8%
Temp. Resistance 80℃(30 min)
Masking tape suitable for wall-painting on building and construction sites, industrial and car repair applications when temperature does not exceed 80℃
Product Data
Nattural rubber and
resins solvent based
Good adhesive even on irregular surfaces
Heat resistant up to 80℃ (30 minutes)
Easy removal without adhesive residue, if removed as soon as paint is dry.
Saturated paper backing
Well conformable to most shaped surfaces
Compatible with most common paints and lacquers
Removable without breaking
Hand tearable